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AIM proudly offer government accredited certificates and diploma levels.

We Provide quality higher education and advanced training to prepare students for the career entry or advancement in their chosen occupations.

Offer programs including both theoretical and practical components as appropriate to prepare graduates to advance in their chosen careers.

We believe that the digital revolution offers the African youth an unparalleled opportunity to participate in the global economy. With the convergence of media, technology and business, Africans can now produce and distribute high-quality content for the global market in a way they could not before.

To achieve the mission, AIM operates by following these objectives

Provide an educational environment that imparts the attitudes and skills that will enable students to continue leaning throughout their career.

Continue to update and improve curriculum of exciting programs and courses to reflect changes and improvements in technology and the industry.

AIM is a technical / vocational training center approved by the GES/TVE. We specialize in Digital Filmmaking, Sound Engineering, Music Technology, 3D Animation, Journalism and Multimedia, Graphic Designing, Film & TV Production, Photography and Digital Marketing.

AIM provides the Training and Skills that are vital for the independent filmmaker, sound engineer, graphics artist and animator. By offering hands-on instruction taught by experienced industry professionals in a progressive, challenging and supportive small class environment with unlimited studio time.

Our program and workshops are harmonious blend of instruction, hands-on labs, review and feedbacks from faculty and AIM staff, and direct production experience that puts skills to the test and makes everything you learn come together.

Our instructors are both educators and working professionals in the media and entertainment industry, we work with them to consistently improve our curriculum to make our program and workshops the best and most comprehensive.


To be one of the leading quality education providers in Africa, offering approved National and International accredited qualifications.


AIM’s mission is to provide professional level multimedia education with state-of-the-art facilities to all potential students.

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