How To Become The Best 3D Animator In Ghana

Animators are among the professionals behind animated movies, television shows and video games. They use their artistic ability, creative skills and animation software to create visual effects, design characters and draw storyboards for various scenes. To enter this career, you must hold a degree, diploma or professional certificate in computer animation and a strong portfolio of work.

Getting Started

Aspiring animators need to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer animation, digital art, computer graphics or a closely related field. Although these courses equip students with the knowledge and technical skills to handle animation tasks, employers prefer experienced individuals. Animation students often secure internships during their second or third year of study to acquire some experience and build an art portfolio. Portfolios give employers a quick snapshot of the skills of potential recruits.

Mastering the Skills

To thrive in animation, you need strong communication, computer, creative and time-management skills. When working on a movie project, for example, animators use their creativity to design characters with different personalities. Because animators often work in a team that includes game designers, directors and actors, they use communication and teamwork skills to collaborate productively. Time-management skills come in handy when working on projects with tight deadlines.

Obtaining Additional Credentials

To enhance their employment prospects, many animators often specialize in specific fields, such as web animation, computer modelling and 3D animation. To prove their competence in these specialties, animators often pursue programs offered by various colleges and universities, such as the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver or the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s 3D animation certificate.


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