What Are My Career Options in Video Editing?

Career Options
If you are aspiring to be a video editor, you may be able to find careers in the television, film, news broadcasting, and cable industries. Depending on the medium you are working with, you may need to edit footage using digital files or film stock. Some projects that you may work on include documentaries, television programs, music videos, sporting events, motion pictures, and training sessions.

Important Facts About Video Editing Careers

Similar OccupationsEditors, broadcast engineers, producers, multimedia artists
Work EnvironmentVideo editors typically work in the studio or office settings but may occasionally be required to work in the field
Key SkillsCommunication, creativity, visual skills, computer skills, attention to detail
Professional CertificationNone required

Job Description

As a video editor, you may work with a team of filmmakers, editors, directors, and producers to complete a project. By working with these professionals, you are tasked with manipulating images to achieve the suggested overall feel of your work. Some of your duties may include formatting video files, rendering footage and finding the best takes. During your work, you may also be required to use file compression software.

Required Education and Skills

Before you are able to find a job in this field, you will usually need to earn a Profersional Certificate. Common majors include broadcasting and film. You will also need to become familiar with computer editing software. Types of computer editing software programs that you may use include:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Avid Pro Tools
Adobe Flash
Adobe After Effects
Apple Final Cut Pro
With this software, you will sync sound, dialogue, and music with moving images. You may also need to be effective at determining the quality of particular film clips and link them together to form a cohesive story. As an editor, you are also responsible for organizing, maintaining, uploading and manipulating raw footage.

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